Leverage Finance are structured for Tax Exempt Retirement, Estate Planning and Business Planning

Option 1: Small Case Business Finance Solutions

Financing Requirements:
25% to 35% contribution by the client for the first 5 years
65% to 75% Financed by the lender
100% Financed by the lender from the 6th year to the 10th year
Minimum Policy Amount $1,000,000.00, $4,000,000.00 Maximum Policy Amount.
Personal Good Health Required
All Accounts must be structured in an LLC
Minimum Income: $100,000.00

No Net worth Requirement/ No Personal Guarantee
No Collateral Requirement/ No Loan requirement
No Personal Loan Documents to sign/ No loan qualification
No financing Underwriting/ No interest payment

Option 2: Large Case Business Finance Solutions

Financing Requirements:
Collateral required to support gap in in the cash value (Letter of Credit)
*For Approved States a 3rd Party lender can fund the collateral in exchange for 50% of the policy
Net worth required to price maximum amount
100% financed by the lender for the life of the account
No Monthly Interest Payments
Minimum Policy Amount $4,000,000.00
No Maximum Policy Amount
Minimum Income: $250,000.00

Personal Good Health is Required
Personal Financial statement required
Loan Documents to be signed
Financing Underwriting required

Asset Class used for the leverage finance (Premium Financing) are Index Life Policies with a maximum 14.5% index crediting and Zero Floor(no loss of principal) A rated Carriers & Lenders

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